Why do Grace Students Love their School?

We love that Grace has a reputation of excellence in our academics, discipleship, character building, and loving community. But, we were curious to see what our students’ favorite part about their school is. We pulled a few students at random from each grade and here are the things that they shared with us that they love about Grace:

“I love that we have math class.” – Taylor, 2nd grade

“I love my teachers!” – Madeline, JK

“The kindness in the school and the athletic things we get to do like basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track.” – Olivia, 3rd grade

“All of my friends!” – Hakeem, 1st grade

“I love math class because Mrs. Underhill is a great teacher, and she does a really good job at explaining math so that it makes sense.” – Shelby, 6th grade

“I love the teachers and the classes.” – Yael, 5th grade

“There are so many activities to do, and teachers like to use fun stuff to explain things.” – Max, 4th grade

“My teachers.” – Frida, PK

“I love social studies and that we take a walk every day. I never did that before in my old school.” – Grant, 6th grade

“That we have nice people, and we have room parents, nice teachers, and we do fun activities.” – Austin, 3rd grade

“All of my friends.” – Bamise, SK

“Friends and that it has a playground.” – Charlotte, 4th grade

“That it’s so fun!” – Annika, 1st grade

“The teachers.” – Avery, 5th grade

“Art class because we get to create lots of stuff.” – Millie, 2nd grade

“The teachers here are really nice. All the students are really nice to me, and there are a lot of extracurricular activities. It’s a nice place to be.” – Judah, 7th grade

“Grace sports!” – Xander, 8th grade

“The community and that learning style here.” – Mac, 8th grade

“How welcoming the community is and the freedom to be creative.” – Emily, 8th grade

“I love the extracurriculars here. The teachers here are super helpful and they each have their own teaching methods.” – Siena, 7th grade

“I love that people are kind.” – Athena, SK

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