A holistic educational experience.

Where students discover their unique talents, gifts, and passions.

We create space for your child to expand their learning beyond the core curriculum. At Grace Lutheran School, students integrate what they learn in the core subjects with special concentrations like art, music, physical education, and more. They discover what they are passionate about, develop collaboration skills, and are celebrated for who God created them to be.

The Art Studio.

From first through eighth grade, all Grace students integrate what they’re learning in core classes with weekly art classes. They participate in hands-on activities, learn methods and mediums, engage their interests and curiosity, and more. Our art studio also includes a kiln, so students are able to work on ceramics along with painting, drawing and more!

Music and choir.

At Grace Lutheran School, our students use music as a way to express themselves and their faith. Students take weekly music classes beginning in preschool. They learn through play-based movement and singing games, and perform music of different cultures, styles, and historical periods. Beginning in first grade, students participate in a choir, occasionally singing for Sunday worship services. All students in first through eighth grades lead the early evening services on Christmas Eve. Students in first through fourth grade take weekly music classes, where they sing and learn various instruments, and in fifth through eighth grade, students focus on more advanced choral music. Junior high students may participate in the Strike Team handbell ensemble as an alternative to choir.

Orchestra and band.

Students have the opportunity to participate in Grace Lutheran School’s string orchestra starting in 1st grade. We provide 30 minute private lesson during the school day. Students can choose to learn the viola, violin, and cello. Students in fourth through eighth grade have the opportunity to participate in the Walther Christian Academy Band Program with students from other area Lutheran schools.

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Physical education classes.

We encourage students to support one another in physical education classes. We focus on fitness and personal growth and students develop their cardio, flexibility, and overall strength. Students improve their skills across a variety of games and lessons focused on movement, having fun, and working with teammates. They also experience competition appropriate for their level, and learn how to have a Christ-centered view of their opponents.

Foreign language.

Studying a foreign language means learning about other cultures and how other people think. German is taught in grades 1-8, with twice-weekly classes for younger students and classes meeting four times week in junior high. Grace students enter high school prepared to take second-year German classes.


As students work in our Library Media Center they practice skills for lifelong learning, including information gathering, analysis, and collaboration. Students use print and digital sources appropriate for different projects and individual learning styles. Students attend weekly story times, check out materials for recreational reading, use the space for independent study and group work, and find answers to reference questions.

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