Building a strong foundation for each child.

Quality academics and a caring community

At Grace Lutheran School, our students are immersed in an intellectually challenging environment that goes beyond the classroom doors. Our teachers welcome each student with warmth and care, responding to the needs of each individual to ensure their success in school and life.

Grades 1-2

In first grade, our students wonder, question, and discover. They learn phonics, vocabulary, and grammar in language arts, while practicing comprehension, creative writing, and critical thinking. They gain a solid foundation of basic math skills through manipulatives, games, and problem-solving activities. In science, they learn about living things, the weather and seasons, and how to care for the environment, while in social studies they learn how to be good citizens and gain a better understanding of place and culture. They express themselves through art, music, worship, and physical education, and are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God and others.

Our second graders gather knowledge, gain skills, and grow in confidence. They learn to read and write across subject areas, through daily classroom activities and workshops. In math, they learn double-digit addition, subtraction, time, money, fractions, measurements, geometry, and are introduced to multiplication and story problems. They engage in lab activities and learn intuitive reasoning, exploration, and cooperation in science. They also learn about the earth and its natural resources, economics, government, as well as landmarks, customs, and traditions across nations. At this level, our students grow in knowledge about their faith, develop friendships, and support and respect each other.

Grades 3-4

In third grade, our students begin to understand the impact they can have on others and the world. They take steps toward independence by reading lessons and chapters on their own in preparation for class discussions. At this level, each child develops at their own pace and is instructed based on their unique needs. They express their thoughts and ideas in writing for every subject, and read novels together in reading circles. They study geography, learn about economics and money, and memorize math facts to lay the foundation for more advanced work. In science, third graders learn about form and function by gathering evidence, taking measurements, constructing models, and connecting data. They also learn how to manage time, use planners, organize homework, study for tests, and remember to bring materials to and from school.

In fourth grade, students learn that there’s always a way forward. We provide them with the tools and skills to find answers to their questions, ask for help, and support each other. They participate in creating a caring, supportive atmosphere where each student has a voice and learns from one another. They read novels across genres to become confident readers and writers. In STEM areas, they experiment and analyze results through hands-on projects and exploration, and they engage in problem-solving and more difficult calculations in math. In social studies, they learn about state history and capitals. In all academic areas, our students use technology to enhance their learning, improve their skills, and complete projects.

Grades 5-6

Our fifth graders explore their interests, unique talents and gifts, and how to use those gifts to serve others. In social studies, they learn about early American history. In science, they connect the work of past scientists with current theories and principles, and test Newton’s laws of gravity with an egg-drop experiment. In math, they learn about decimals, fractions, problem-solving, and reasoning. They read about people in different times and cultures through novels and stories, and are asked to examine their own lives and values through creative writing prompts. They also learn about the Lutheran Reformation and what it means to be saved by God’s grace. In the fall, our fifth graders lead a chapel service on Martin Luther and share what they’ve learned about salvation, faith, and God’s love for us all.

In sixth grade, our students learn the social, emotional, and academic skills needed to thrive in junior high. They develop higher-level thinking skills and independence. In religion class, students focus on the theme “Walking with God’s People,” as they learn how to serve and care for others. In math, we cover a wide range of areas, including pre-algebra, number systems, ratios, and geometry. In social studies, students learn about world history and geography, and in science, they engage in interactive learning focused on cells, the earth’s structure, and sound and light. The school year culminates in a major research paper as students follow a step-by-step process of researching, writing, and revising. They also become proficient in using technology such as software, computers, video, and more, as a key part of learning.

Hear from our families.

Grace has been an amazing school for my three children. We have found that the school is very collaborative and parents, students, teachers, and other staff work towards maximizing the student experience. There is a focus on hard work, character, and faith development and all staff is there to make sure no one slips through the cracks. The teachers love what they do and bring energy, compassion, and excellence to the classroom. I am blessed to have found this wonderful school for my children.

Marni, parent

My kids have attended Grace for the last seven years and I cannot say enough great things about our experiences here. Both kids have been challenged academically, developed great friendships, been supported by teachers, and have been involved with sports, which start in third grade. The variety of opportunities here give my kids an incredibly well-rounded education…Both continue to strive to do their best and get insights and clear instructions from caring teachers. I couldn’t imagine a better fit for our family.

Mary, parent

Even though we live in a highly regarded public school district, we have never regretted the money we give to send our kids to Grace. My husband and I are both teachers ourselves and can’t say enough about having our kids in an environment that is small enough to individualize instruction, tend to their spiritual selves, and encourage their participation in everything from basketball to handbells. I can’t say enough about the top-notch teachers who set high standards while also loving our kids fiercely.

Amy, parent

Frequently asked questions.

What is Grace Lutheran’s student-teacher ratio?

Our student-teacher ratio is 9:1. Because of this, our teachers have the opportunity to truly know and understand each child, allowing them to build lasting relationships and help develop each child’s gifts and abilities fully.

When should I begin the admissions process?

We begin accepting applications one year prior to the start of the school year in which the new student will be enrolled. It is best to complete the application process as early as possible, as classes fill quickly. Applications, materials and assessments must be completed and returned at least two weeks before the first day of school.

How can I see the school?

We want you to see the many things our school has to offer. We are scheduling in-person tours by appointment. Contact us to schedule a personal tour.