Meet the Garcia Family

Agustin and Yesenia have two daughters at Grace, one in 6th grade and the other in 3rd grade. Their family is new to Grace this year. They graciously took the time to share their experience with us as we round the corner toward the end of the school year.

Why did you choose Grace Lutheran School for your children?

One of the main reasons we chose Grace Lutheran School is the focus on academic excellence.  Also, we were completely blown away during our visit, and our daughters fell in love with the school during their shadow day. 

What did you love the most about this school year?

It’s hard to pick one single thing. First, Grace’s tight-knit community that has welcomed us with open arms. Second, all the extracurricular activities that our daughters have access to are amazing. Lastly, I don’t know if we’ve ever come across a principal as committed to his students, team, and school success as Mr. Koehne. 

What would you tell another parent who may be considering enrolling their child at Grace?

We would tell them the same thing we were told.  Grace is amazing, and you will not regret the decision to invest in your child’s education.