All About 2nd Grade

In 2nd Grade, Ms. Cullen, teaches her students a variety of different subjects which include Religion, Math, English Language Arts, German, Art, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Technology, and Library, The class has three recesses a day. 2nd grade typically takes two field trips a year. One in the winter (theatrical performance) and one in the Spring (zoo).

Daily 5

Like 1st Grade, 2nd grade also completes Daily 5 where students will move in small groups from center to center working on different reading and writing skills. During this time, they will also get more individualized instruction from Ms. Cullen.


Students in 2nd grade each get their own iPad for at school use. These are used mainly during their Daily 5 time. At Grace, we know the importance of teaching students how to use technology well, but we also prioritize pen to paper work. Our students are required to write and continue to work on their handwriting throughout the year.

What are some examples of what 2nd grade students at Grace learn?

Read on-level texts with purpose and understanding (make connections, inferences, predictions, visualize, determine author’s message, theme, summarize, designate main idea and supporting details, identify non-fiction text features & critique)

Read a variety of genres including fiction, poetry, informational texts, history, social studies & science

Ask and answer the “who, what, when, where, why, & how” questions to show understanding of key details

Be able to show evidence from the text to support ideas

Understand the major types of figurative language & their purpose

Write an opinion story, supplying reasons that support the opinion, a persuasive story, friendly letter, procedural writing, non-fiction & fictional narrative writing.

Use temporal words when writing (first, next, then, last, etc.)

Use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words based on the content of the story

Add and subtract three digit numbers (For example, knowing that 367 means 3 hundreds, 6 tens, & 7 ones)

Count within 1,000; by 5/10s/100s

Solve one & two step math word problems

Tell and write time within 5-minute intervals on digital & analog clocks

Solve word problems involving money

Interpret data from bar & picture graphs

Learn attributes of 3 dimensional shapes

Understand the connection between repeated addition and multiplication

Science: types of matter, earth’s land & water, slow & fast changes on Earth, Animals & Habitats

Social Studies: Civics, Geography, Economics, History

Social Emotional Learning: Responsibility, Respect, Cooperation, Self-Control, Empathy, & Integrity

2nd grade students have 5th grade chapel buddies! 5th and 2nd grade students will get to spend time with each other periodically throughout the school year. Chapel buddies will sit together during chapel when a Grace class is leading the service.


P.E. twice a week

German twice a week

Music twice a week (one music class and one choir class)

Art once a week

Library once a week

2nd graders can opt in to Orchestra and learn to play the violin, viola, or cello.

If you would like more information about 2nd grade and/or would like to begin the admissions process, please send an email to to be connected with our Director of Enrollment and Marketing.