Walk with Grace 2023!

We had an INCREDIBLE walkathon this year! THANK YOU to all of our Grace families for everything you did for this event. We can’t do anything we do without you! Additionally, we would like to offer a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Underhill, and all of our volunteers who helped make this day run so smoothly! CONGRATULATIONS to our students. We had more food donated and collected on the walk than ever before. Our students alone donated more than 2,400 food items!

We heard from Beyond Hunger that we donated more than 4,500 pounds of food to their food pantry when adding the donations from our walk.  Congratulations, Vikings! In addition to this, the money donated to GLS has reached nearly $32,000. Thank you to everyone who so generously donated to this cause. This fundraiser helps us provide a wide range of strong programming throughout the school.

While we can’t share all the memories that we captured in this post, we hope you take some time to enjoy the following photos to get a glimpse of the day.