We are Grace by Sophie G.

I joined Grace when I was in 3rd grade. I was coming from a school with a total of 12 kids (including me). So I wasn’t used to the social dynamic or the amount of kids. Most everyone already knew someone in my class. It was kind of intimidating. But even though everyone had friends, everyone welcomed me. With only one or two questions/comments about my ipad. If you were here from PK or just joined this year, Grace always has a place for you. Grace is accepting of everyone. My class acts like some weird version of a family because of that. The Grace community still continues to amaze me. It’s hard not to belong here. In Hakeem Jeffries’ ABC speech, he said “Inclusion over isolation”. I think Grace fulfills this very well. Some people are excited to leave in 8th grade, I don’t want to leave. When I leave, I won’t have this connection. My roots are at Grace and they always will be. Grace helped me develop socially and academically. The people are what make Grace so special. I am Grace, You are Grace, and WE ARE GRACE.