Grace Family Spotlight – The Tines Family

Shena is a Senior Clinical Research Associate and her family is new to Grace Lutheran School this year. Her daughter joined the Senior Kindergarten class with Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Brayton as her teachers. The Senior Kindergarten class is always bright and beautifully decorated each season. Shena is having a great experience at Grace so far, so much so, that she happily volunteered at our open house this January. She happily shared her experience with prospective parents, and was so welcoming to all of the attendees. Shena graciously agreed to share more about her experience at Grace.

Why did you choose Grace Lutheran School for your child? 

“Having explored various private schools in Oak Park/River Forest area, we opted for Grace Lutheran for our child. The deciding factors included its supportive learning environment, devoted teachers/staff, faith-based setting, and appropriate classroom size. Grace Lutheran provides a challenging academic program, promoting excellence and social emotional development. Families are encouraged to be involved stakeholders, and students are motivated to reach their optimal potential. Grace Lutheran is a school where your child can grow and thrive. “

What did you love the most about this school year?

“The supportive learning environment with a strong emphasis on character development and values. Grace Lutheran is a school that encourages their students to advocate for themselves. I love how the school celebrates individuality. Our daughter attended a Montessori school prior to coming to Grace. She has transitioned very well to her current learning environment. Our daughter is excited about coming to school, interacting with her classmates and her teachers. The sense of empowerment and support that our daughter receives at Grace Lutheran holds great importance to our family. “

What would you tell another parent who may be considering enrolling their child at Grace?

“Grace stands out as an exceptional school, providing your child with an inclusive and diverse learning environment. They’ll benefit from innovative teaching methods, opportunities for parental involvement, and engaging extracurricular activities, enriching their overall educational experience. Grace Lutheran is a school with dedicated teachers that prioritize staying current with educational trends, ensuring that your child is well-prepared to excel in life.”