Grace Family Spotlight – The Kelly Family

Blessings everyone! We are the Kelly family- Dr. Edmond, Felicia, Zoey, and Elicia (Grace 5th grader). We have been a part of the Grace family going on six years. Elicia started going to Grace starting in Senior Kindergarten with Mrs. Johnson.  

My wife Felicia and I chose jobs that can heal and be a blessing for many. I am the Assistant Principal and Dean of Students for Walther Christian Academy and currently serve on the Elementary Education Committee. Mrs. Kelly is an Emergency Certified Veterinary Technician at Companion Animal Specialty & Emergency. We also are founders of the Heroes of Tomorrow Foundation where we provide scholarships for black and brown students that attend a private institution, families in need of every essentials, and partner with other schools and foundations to ensure blessings for all.

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Why did you choose Grace Lutheran School for Elicia?

Why did we choose Grace? Actually, God led Grace to us. We were in a transition in our lives and were looking for a good school for our children. In 2018, God blessed Felicia and I with our current positions which allowed us to send Elicia to Grace. A greater reason why we chose Grace is because of Principal Bill Kohene. Mr. Kohene was our science teacher at Walther Lutheran High School. He also was our track coach. When we found out that he was the principal of Grace, it was a “no brainer”. God led us to Grace with the comfort that Mr. Kohene would lead our child to the godly excellence that he’s always exemplified as a person. 

What did you love the most about this school year?

What we loved the most about this school year is the academic and spiritual growth of our daughter. At the beginning of her 5th grade year, we noticed a spiritual change of wanting more. Elicia has her own set goals of wanting straight A’s, playing volleyball and the violin, and thinking about getting baptized. Seeing her growth and maturity places a huge smile soulfully for us as parents. We love that she continues to build strong friendships. 

What would you tell another parent who may be considering enrolling their child at Grace?

Felicia and I believe in simplicity. We would tell any parent that “Grace gives children a blessed life”. We solely believe that Grace Lutheran was meant for us, is for all, and will continue to set a standard of godly excellence.