Since 2004, Lisa Wolfanger has been a cornerstone of Grace School’s Junior High, teaching English Language Arts, American History, and Religion. She has inspired countless students over the years.

Whenever we write alumni features, Ms. Wolfanger is regularly mentioned. Our graduates often recall how contagious her love of history is and appreciate how she always pushed them to achieve their best. Even current 8th-grade students regularly cite Ms. Wolfanger as their favorite teacher.

Ms. Wolfanger holds a degree in education from Concordia University and a master’s in education from Nazareth College. Her impact on our community is immeasurable, and we are incredibly grateful for her continued dedication.

Ms. Wolfanger is not just a teacher but a lifelong learner, constantly seeking new knowledge and ways to apply it in her classroom. She loves American History, Religion, and English, and her teaching methods evolve as she critically thinks about her students’ needs. Her goal is to prepare students for high school academics and social emotional domains, equipping them for the challenges they’ll face as teens.

Lisa’s interests include cross-stitch, Biblical scholarship, and addressing issues affecting middle school students, such as mental health. A fun fact about her: she was a docent at the Susan B. Anthony House in New York.

Thank you, Ms. Wolfanger, for your 20 years of service at Grace Lutheran School!