All About PK (age 3)

The Pre-Kindergarten class is a play-based program where children are learning while having fun. Throughout the year, the students will explore academic concepts through four developmental stages: 1) Awareness 2) Identification 3) Practice 4) Independence. There is no expectation for what a PK student “needs” to know, however, children will be introduced to concepts that they will learn at their own pace with an opportunity to explore the next development level. The purpose of this classroom is to build relationships, confidence, and readiness skills needed for future academic success. The PK teacher is Mrs. Baird, and her teacher assistant is Mrs. Galeener.

What subjects are covered in PK?

Religion, Math, Literacy, Language, Science, Social Skills, and Creative Arts.

What are some examples of what PK does in each subject?

RELIGION: listen to Bible stories, be the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus, and know that Jesus loves everyone.

MATH: one-to-one correspondence, sorting, number recognition, sequencing, drawing shapes, and writing numbers.

LITERACY: exposure to alphabet letters and sounds, identifying letters and written name, developing pre-writing skills through fine motor activities, and decoding words in stories by using visual cues.

LANGUAGE: phonemic sound practice, repeating correct sentence structure, sequencing 2-3 events from experience, telling stories with beginning/middle/end, and maintaining topic of conversation.

SCIENCE: observe plant growth, observe weather, identifying differences in animals, sorting animals, and drawing a self portrait with correct location of body parts.

SOCIAL SKILLS: sharing, personal space, labeling emotions in self, turn-taking, and expressing personal needs.

CREATIVE ARTS: exploring a variety of art processes: painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage. Using a variety of art materials such as crayons, paint, watercolor, pencils, markers, and paper. Participating in movement and dances. Using rhythmic instruments. Participating in dramatic play and singing traditional songs.

PK students have 7th grade chapel buddies! Chapel buddies come to the PK classroom to play throughout the school year. They also sit together during chapel when a Grace class is leading the service.

PK Classroom Prayer:

Dear Jesus,

As I work, and rest, and play, please be with me all the day. I know you are my special friend, and on you I can depend. AMEN.

PK does a lot of art, and they have a weekly music and library class.

PK Class Schedule:

8:15 – 8:45: free play

8:45 – 9:00: clean up

9:00 – 9:30: circle time (morning stretches, “magic”, friendship song, calendar, rhyme of the week, sign language)

9:30 – 10:00: snack time and puzzles

10:00 – 10:30: outside (gross motor play and cooperative games)

10:30 – 11:00: mindfulness and story time

11:00 – 11:30: project

11:30: dismissal

PK students have the option to stay for the afternoon program (11:30 – school dismissal). 3 and 4-year-olds combine in the Junior Kindergarten classroom for lunch, naptime, and other scheduled activities.

The PK class goes on field trips and participates in a lot of fun events at school. This year they have gone to Concordia University for a bestselling author book reading and Dominican University to see The Nutcracker. They walked a block during Grace’s walkathon, had a Halloween party and parade, sang beautifully at the Early Childhood Christmas pageant, and received a magical visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Baird and Mrs. Galeener are exceptional teachers who really give their all to their students. We are proud to share with you all that they do for our PK class and we encourage your to share this with prospective PK families! We are looking forward to teaching a new generation of Grace students this fall. Enrollment for PK is now open! Spots are filling up fast. You can email our Director of Enrollment and Marketing at for more information.